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Welcome to my website!

I am Joseph Újvári and I was born in 1964.

I have been keeping pigeons from my childhood since I really love to deal with them.

 I only had the opportunity to compete actively with pigeons from 2006. I began competing within the Columbarian Society  in the A-29 Association of Maglód then I changed to the B02 Society of the MPS Budapest I. Szilas Affiliated Club,  where I am still a member.

My stock is based on Jansen bloodline. My first pigeons were Gebr. Pouw acquired from Sándor Szűcs and Miklós Lamos. The pigeons from this bloodline helped many pigeon keepers to win championships.

I spend all my leisure time doing  my hobby. I am very grateful for the support of my family, especially my mother, who loves my pigeons and helps me a lot to take care of  them.


Thank you for visiting my website, if you like it, please come again. The site is updated regularly.



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